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Hotel Management



SPHM Hospitality is an international hotel operator company. We provide management outsourcing services for independent and boutique hotels.

We are a game changer in the international hotel and hospitality industry. With our strong to facing business development, we challenge the status quo, and turn hotels into leaders in their local market.

By incorporating ourselves into your company structure, we take on the responsibilities of managing the strategies and operations of your hotel or resort. Forget about the traditional hotel industry approach, and turn your hotel into a winning success story. SPHM Hospitality is a specialist company in turning around lodging properties into high performing assets.



SPHM Hospitality is an international hotel management consultancy company specializing in independent, boutique and lifestyle hotels.

As a hotel consulting firm, we focus on creating high performing hotels through unique hospitality experiences and delivering high quality and personal customer service. We leverage this and the unique character of independent hotels to achieve a high guest satisfaction and online reputation scores.

Our team of hospitality consultancy experts have extensive international experience, covering a wide range of areas and services to help you achieve sound financial results and returns with your hotel investment.



The focus of hotel asset management has shifted from a sole focus of cost control to optimizing both top line revenues and bottom line results.

We provide recommendations and practical action steps to maximize returns and improve asset value in hospitality properties. Through pro-active participation in your hotel business we enhance operating performance and results, manage cash flow, optimize capital expenditure in order to increase property profits and value.

Our approach is always to focus on hotel value enhancement, maximizing the performance of the hotel asset. Our investment client’s interests are always the key focus.

  • Rooms + F&B Operations

  • Sales + Marketing

  • Finance + Cost Control

  • KPI Analysis & Benchmarking

  • GOP & EBITDA Analysis

  • Cash Ratios, Debt Positions

  • Strategic FF&E Planning

  • CAPEX Requirements & Investments

  • Vendor Analysis & Procurement

  • Annual Budgeting

  • Lease negotiations

  • Concept Development

  • Branding & Positioning

  • Hotel Management



SPHM Hospitality offers advice and representation services to hotel owners. We act as the hotel owner representative protecting their interests and that of their hospitality business. The seasoned advisors of our company ensure that the objectives of the hotel investment are well safeguarded.

As an international firm we have experience with a large variety of hotels and resort assets. We specialize in independent and boutique hotels plus small resorts. We take care of all the important factors with our regular site visits and spot checks, system audits capital and operational budget reviews and variation analysis. We also represent the owners to negotiate the best deal for suppliers and partners.



As part of our hotel management services we assist our hotel investment clients with hotel concept development services.

With years of experience and having been at the forefront of innovation in the international hospitality industry, we create unique and original lodging concepts. We work together with various design studios to make your hotel stand out and become a lifestyle destination.

To manage a repositioning or new hotel project properly, it is fundamental to have in-depth industry knowledge and insight. We ensure that the design and architecture is well aligned with the actual business and translate into feasible and efficient operations. Our team of hotel professionals is at your disposal to turn your new hotel into a winning success formula.

A concept that truly stands out, offers more than just a bed. Hospitality is about people and experiences. It needs to connect with the guests on an emotional level. It requires, not just nice looking furniture. If done right, a great hotel concept can outsmart even the most established players.

  • Drive a price premium in it’s local market

  • Attract and retain talent

  • Generate free press and social media exposure

  • Convince investors and partners

  • Fast-track future growth

SPHM Hospitality is a game changer in the hospitality industry. If you are looking for a company that can give your hotel that special edge to outperform local competitors you are in the right place. We aim to challenge the status quo, and turn independent hotels into market leaders.

And we don’t stop there. We actually manage the hotel on your behalf, taking care of the roll-out, pre-opening and hotel operations.



SPHM Hospitality supports hotel owners and investors in safeguarding their real-estate asset and hospitality business, and maximizing financial returns.

We provide strategic hotel asset advice and hotel management services to optimize the top and bottom line performance. Our experienced team of hospitality consulting experts creates exceptional guest experiences, while facilitation employee growth opportunities, delivering strong financial returns for property owners.

Operating since 2008, we are a driving force in the international hospitality industry. We are the engine behind many innovative lodging concepts. We are specialized in independent hotels and resorts, and have a diverse portfolio of boutique hotels, lifestyle resorts, luxury b&b’s and modern hospitality concepts.



SPHM Hospitality can help you to optimize the revenue results of your hotel. With our team of remote revenue managers we uncover the hidden revenue potential of hotels and resorts worldwide.


Our Methodology

As the global leader hotel revenue management consulting company, we have developed in-house best practices in hotel yield and distribution strategies for any type of hotel or lodging properties. We have a long history of growth results with our innovative and proven methodology.

We look beyond only top line revenue, and incorporate cost of distribution into our strategy mix, monitoring both the RevPar and GopPar results of your hotel. Our Yield outsourcing specialists will focus to also optimize the GOP (gross operating profit).

Why SPHM Hospitality?

The SPHM Hospitality team of revenue management consultants has a strong business development, and aims to challenge the status quo. Our drive is to turn your hotel into a local market leader with our proven methodology. We have an extensive international experience in both the hospitality travel & tourism industry, and leave no stone unturned to increase your top line revenue and bottom line profit.

How We Work

SPHM Hospitality's’ revenue management and yield experts will be incorporated in your hotel management structure and operate as a part of your team. And we will take on the responsibilities and duties of revenue management and business development. Working beside your executive management, we will be implementing best practices, proven techniques and the latest travel distribution developments.

The core components of Revenue Management services are:

  • Product mix diversification

  • Market segmentation

  • Positioning strategies

  • Competitor study

  • Price bench-marking

  • Price structure implementation

  • Rate yielding strategies

  • Forecasting and budgeting

  • Demand management

  • Distribution strategies online and offline

  • Marketing coordination

  • Direct sales stimulation

And we will provide you with comprehensive reporting, to make sure you are fully in the loop and have full insights in the pricing and distribution strategy of your hotel:

  • Daily Pick-up Report

  • Monthly Analysis Report

  • Distribution Strategy Updates

  • Weekly Summary Report

We basically handle all revenue management tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis on behalf of your hotel business.

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