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Hotel Development



Our company will help your hotel development projects so that your hotel can meet the star standards that you expect and also that its quality meets the criteria set by the government and last but not least is the quality of your hotel building which means it will reduce maintenance costs when your hotel operates.

With the presence of our company in your hotel development project, your hotel will easily get certification about the use of the building because it is in accordance with existing regulations.

Mr. Michael Cousins ​​is our Vice President Development who is very fussy and detailed to the standards set out in the Design Standards from SPHM Hospitality.


Project Planning.jpg

Preconstruction Planning

We can provide you with a Feasibility Study, Business Plan, Hotel Facility Plan, Hotel Development Modeling, FF&E Master List. (only in Indonesia will include handling Licenses & Permits)


Architectural Modelling

We can provide you with an architect or you can provide your own architect meaning you will build your own hotel, however you will need to have a technical assistance agreement with SPHM Hospitality to ensure a Quality Control for your hotel   

Management Construction.jpg

Construction  Management

A Construction Management by your own arrangement and Quality Control will be  provided by SPHM Hospitality

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